Video: Fuel Supply Vessel Hitting Breakwater at High Speed

French oil supply ship sailing into a breakwater outside Marseille France

Published Jun 23, 2020 8:57 PM by The Maritime Executive

A spectacular video shows the moments leading up to a fuel supply vessel sailing at a high rate of speed directly into the breakwater outside the harbor at Marseille, France. According to various reports, the video was shot possibly by a crew member from a different vessel living at the port and later sent to the French media outlet La Provence.

The vessel, the Cap Pinede operated by Maritima, is a fuel supply ship carrying when fully loaded up to 3,500 tons of oil. Built in 2009, it has an overall length of approximately 295 feet.  At the time of the accident, it reportedly was returning to Marseille after a brief trip from Fos Sur Mer.

The vessel is seen traveling at a high rate of speed directly into the breakwater leading to speculation that it might have had a steering failure contributing to the accident. Apparently, it was able to reverse off the wall and was escorted to a berth in the port.

Bureau Veritas responded to the scene as the class society for the vessel, although management told the local media that they would also be inspecting the damage to the bow of the vessel and expected the repairs would last for 20 or more days.

Local officials are also investing the cause of the accident. There were no confirmed reports of injuries or pollution, but likely a very embarrassed crew.