Video: Drifting Cargo Ship Hits Railway Bridge in Bangladesh

cargo ship hits bridge
The out of control vessel washed up against one of the main bridges in the city (YouTube)

Published Apr 30, 2024 8:11 PM by The Maritime Executive


It happened again, this time as a small cargo ship out of control drifted along one of the main waterways in the Bangladesh city of Chattogram before becoming pinned alongside the bridge. Both the bridge and ship suffered some damage with the survey work still underway.

According to officials they were trying to determine if the cargo ship named Samuda-1 had broken away from its moorings at a nearby shipyard on the Karnaphuli River or if it was a mistake by the helmsmen on the ship. Some reports said the vessel appeared to be without power and uncrewed but TV images showed at least one person aboard the vessel.

Eyewitnesses told the local TV station that the vessel was seen floating from the AK Khan dockyard on the western side of the river. There were strong winds which made it difficult to control the vessel and it struck the Kalurghat Railway Bridge. The ship was pinned up against the bridge due to the strong current in the river while officials were arranging for a salvage vessel.



It is reported to be one of the main bridges crossing the river and providing rail and vehicle connections to other areas of the country. The bridge was completing nearly eight months of renovations to support the opening of a new railway line.

Officials reported that there were several bent sections on the bridge but they believed it was overall minor damage. Rails along the deck of the vessel were also twisted but they were awaiting the salvage to remove it from the bridge to determine if there was more damage.

The subsequent investigation revealed that the vessel was attempting to reach shipyard under the control of the quartermaster. The master was not aboard the vessel. Due to strong winds, tidal conditions, and what the police termed "reckless speed," the ship lost control and collided with the bridge. The ship was impounded, and the police arrested the quartermaster, a greaser, and the coxswain.