USS Truman Loses an F/A-18 Super Hornet Over the Side in a Storm

USS Truman conducting UNREPS in fine weather, June 17, 2022 (USN)

Published Jul 10, 2022 4:28 PM by The Maritime Executive

[Brief] Cargo losses in heavy weather are an occasional problem in commercial maritime operations, particularly for heavily-laden container ships. But rarely do merchant vessels get the opportunity to lose a $66 million fighter jet, like the F/A-18 Super Hornet that blew off the deck of the carrier USS Harry S. Truman on Friday.

According to the Navy, an F/A-18 assigned to Carrier Air Wing 1 blew overboard during "unexpected heavy weather" in the Mediterranean Sea. At the time, the carrier was conduction a replenishment-at-sea operation, and the crew brought the UNREPS to a close using standard procedures. 

One sailor was injured during the heavy-weather incident, but is in stable condition and is expected to fully recover. USS Truman remains deployed and mission-capable, the Navy said. 

The circumstances of the casualty are under investigation. 

Truman has been stationed in the Mediterranean on her current deployment since December. Her presence in the region is intended as a sign of support for America's NATO allies amidst ongoing Russian aggression in Ukraine. She has been under way since December 1.