Two Ukrainian Seafarers Found Dead

Desan Shipyard

By The Maritime Executive 2016-06-08 21:09:17

Two Ukrainian seafarers were found dead on Wednesday after a Malta-flagged ship was taken to a shipyard in Istanbul for maintenance. 

The bodies of Oleksiy Voytsov, 34, and Sergi Kravchenko, 33, were found in their rooms after they missed their shift, according to a written statement released by the Desan shipyard. 

“While feeling sorrow over the fact that this incident took place inside our shipyard, we do not have any information,” the statement said. 

“According to the information we obtained from the shipyard’s doctor, two sailors were found dead and half naked in the bathroom of the [ship’s] cabin while the ship was taken in for maintenance. The police are investigating,” the chief executive officer of the shipyard, Muhsin Divan, told journalists.