Total to Develop FSRU Facility in Benin

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Published Jul 25, 2019 6:57 PM by The Maritime Executive

Total, the Republic of Benin and the Société Béninoise d’Energie Electrique (SBEE) have signed an agreement for the development of an LNG import floating terminal.

The deal includes the supply of up to 0.5 million tons per annum (Mtpa) of regasified LNG from Total’s global portfolio to Benin for 15 years, starting in 2021. Total will develop and operate the regasification infrastructure that will comprise a floating storage and re-gasification unit (FSRU) located offshore Benin and an offshore pipeline connexion to the existing and planned 127MW power plants in Maria Gléta. 

Benin's government is working to restore Benin's energy independence. A new legislative framework fosters the participation of private capital in the energy sector. 

For Total, the project is in line with group’s strategy to develop new gas markets by unlocking access to LNG for fast-growing economies, said Laurent Vivier, Senior Vice President Gas at Total. “Access to LNG will help Benin to meet growing domestic energy demand and add more natural gas to the country’s current energy mix, hence reducing its carbon intensity.”

Total is the second-largest private global LNG player, with an overall portfolio of around 40 Mtpa by 2020 and a worldwide market share of 10 percent. Through its stakes in liquefaction plants located in Qatar, Nigeria, Russia, Norway, Oman, Egypt, the UAE, the U.S., Australia or Angola, the Group sells LNG in all global markets.