The Internet of Drones Unveiled in Singapore

Published Feb 16, 2016 3:29 PM by The Maritime Executive

A multitude of applications for drones has emerged ranging from naval reconnaissance to offshore platform inspection. Technology company H3 Dynamics has unveiled what it calls the Internet of Drones this week at the Singapore Air Show. 

Dronebox is a system that brings together drone-enabled service activities with the Industrial Internet of Things. It is a self-powered system that can be deployed anywhere, including in remote areas where industrial assets, borders or sensitive installations require constant monitoring. 

Dronebox can charge drone batteries automatically within its shelter system. Off-grid power is provided primarily by a solar-battery installation. For more advanced requirements, system capabilities can be extended using Remobox, an accessory that provides more advanced communications and hosts a small back-up fuel cell system for year long availability in mission critical locations.

Droneboxes can be installed anywhere, so that drones can perform pre-programmed scheduled routines, deploy on demand or be woken up by other drones or sensors as part of a much wider network of “things.” As a network, Droneboxes can increase their effectiveness and mission times using collaborative technologies.

Designed as an evolution over today’s many unattended sensors and CCTV cameras installed in cities, borders, or large industrial estates, Dronebox innovates by giving sensors freedom of movement using drones as their vehicles. End-users can deploy flying sensor systems at different locations to offer 24/7 reactivity.

The system eases scalability challenges for drone service operators. Such service providers use professional drones to provide their customers with detailed aerial land surveys in mining or agriculture, perform infrastructure inspections or monitor the progress of construction sites. However, some remote locations need regular or prolonged visits which increase travel costs and risks to drone service providers. By pre-deploying Dronebox systems at the right locations, travel to remote areas is no longer required, charging or handling drone batteries is eliminated and sensor data is simply sent through a network for easy access and processing.

H3 Dynamics expects the first Dronebox and Remobox to be delivered this year.

H3 Dynamics is a group of hardware and software companies with locations in Singapore, Texas, France and South Africa. The Singapore headquartered group includes a high performance fuel cell energy storage systems entity, an integrated robotics systems entity as well as an entity dedicated to advanced field communications, precision tracking and real-time analytics software.