System to Prevent Boxship Parametric Rolling Receives AiP from LR

parametric rolling
System works to evaluate the motion of containerships and provide oeprational guidance (file photo)

Published Mar 30, 2023 4:34 PM by The Maritime Executive

A new software system, developed as part of a joint project between shipbuilding Hyundai Heavy Industries, Eastern Pacific Shipping, and Lloyd’s Register, has received critical approval in the effort to prevent excessive rolls for containerships that lead to stack collapses and overboard losses. Lloyd’s Register has awarded Approval in Principle (AiP) to Hyundai’s new Onboard Guidance System, which is designed to help containerships prevent excessive rolling.

The container industry has long struggled to understand the phenomenon known as parametric rolling and how to prevent its impact on vessels. Incident reports have directly linked ships experiencing these sudden onset motions and the loss of containers. Calling a recent increase in the number of containers lost at sea and reversal of the downward trend concerning, the World Shipping Council in 2022 reported that the industry was embarking on a three-year study looking at the causes and how to prevent container damage and loss.

Initial results from the WSC-led research had already identified that parametric rolling in following seas as especially hazardous for container vessels. They said that “this phenomenon is not well known and can develop unexpectedly with severe consequences.” WSC had already supported the industry with new warnings and advisories to marines on steps to recognize and prevent parametric rolling in following seas.

The system developed by Hyundai and tested on an Eastern Pacific 15,100 TEU containership in September 2022 evaluates the stability of the roll motion of the containership in operation. The solution considers various loading conditions and sea conditions and provides operation guidance on board based on actual operational information in connection with Hyundai Global Service (HGS)’s Integrated Smartship Solution (ISS).

“With the development of the technology, our clients are able to reduce unnecessary costs due to the loss of containers and HHI has come to secure differentiated competitiveness as a shipbuilder that ensures safe operation at sea,” said Seungho Jeon, Chief Technology Officer for Hyundai Heavy Industries. “It also has a significant meaning in that we have established a foundation for further advancing the system by completing a pilot test on the EPS vessels in operation.”

Lloyd’s Register participating in the project also suggested rules, requirements, and guidance for the system as part of the AiP.

“This software is a crucial tool in preventing Parametric Rolling Movement and improving safety at sea,” Nick Gross, Global Containership Segment Director for Lloyd’s Register. “Container roll can cause a ship to dangerously roll at extreme angles, sometimes culminating in a vessel capsizing. Approval in Principle for HHI’s Onboard Guidance System is a meaningful milestone for preventing container roll at sea.”

LR reports that it is building on its long-standing relationship with HD Hyundai. Among other recent projects, they also recently awarded AiP for two containerships equipped with various measures for mitigating container loss at sea.