Storms Close Bosporus and Drive Tanker Ashore in Istanbul

Turkey tanker evacuation
Crew of the grounded tanker was evacuated with a breeches buoy to shore (KEGM)

Published Nov 29, 2023 6:23 PM by The Maritime Executive


The powerful storms that have been impacting the Black Sea region spread to the south hitting Istanbul and the surrounding areas. Shipping in the region was impacted with the governor’s office ordering a suspension. A small tanker anchored offshore was also driven on to the rocks with the fire department, Coast Guard, and coastal security agency working to rescue the crew.

The storm brought with it strong southwest winds and torrential downpours of rain. Flooding was reported across the region with extensive damage to coastal areas and small boats. 

The Governor of Istanbul ordered all ferry service suspended on Tuesday, November 28, and it remained suspended on Wednesday morning. Commuters that normally travel around the city and between Europe and Asia on ferries were forced to seek ground transportation to get to work. Traffic on the Bosphorus was also suspended and due to resume as of 16:00 on Wednesday.



During the height of the storm overnight on Tuesday, the captain of the tanker Kadriye Ana was heard on the radio pleading for assistance. The 2,400 dwt tanker had been riding anchor off Istanbul for the past few days. It began dragging its anchor during the storm with the captain pleading that they were going to be driven onto the shoreline. 

“We are falling apart,” the media reports was the captain’s last transmission. The vessel, which was loaded with 600 tons of diesel fuel, suffered hull damage with reports saying it was taking water in its engine room. Two government tugs and a rescue vessel were sent to assist along with the local fire department.




The 11 crewmembers were evacuated on the shoreside of the vessel using a breeches buoy. The tugs reportedly worked to hold the vessel in place during the storm. 

Today with high tide and improving weather conditions, the tugs were able to refloat the tanker. Pictures showed the vessel listing to starboard but afloat. Reports were that it was being towed to the shipyard in Tuzla for repairs.