Shell Opens Rapid-Charging Station for Electric Vessels in Amsterdam

Charger Amsterdam
The combined land- and water-side charger at Shell's Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam (Shell)

Published Jun 17, 2024 7:15 PM by The Maritime Executive

On Monday, amidst much fanfare, Shell Marine opened a new rapid-charging center for battery-electric vessel and truck recharging at Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam (ETCA), Shell's electric innovation center in the Netherlands. 

The new "Megawatt Charging System" rapid charger is about three times as powerful as a normal e-truck recharging station, and it has two charging arms fitted with a "universal" connector. Shell hopes to reduce costs for vessel operators by promulgating a single connector and charging system standard, allowing multiple vessel classes to use the same infrastructure without duplicating investment. Since many of its customers need a solution for electric trucking as well as electric vessels, the dual-purpose charger helps further reduce cost. 

The first installation draws on a local microgrid of 3,600 rooftop-mounted solar panels, and can recharge a battery bank of 0.5 to 5.0 megawatt-hours within as little as two hours' time. It is now ready and open to serve compatible vessels with megawatt charging capability (by appointment). 

“We believe this solution will be helpful for shipping companies that control and operate logistics businesses across the supply chain, and often have facilities that serve both waterside and landside," said Shell Marine President Melissa Williams in a statement. 

The ECTA site is a hub for electric innovation, and houses a wide array of renewable infrastructure, like EV chargers and a hydrogen electrolyzer. Shell hopes to roll out additional examples of its new charging solution at other sites, subject to the availability of grid power at each location. 

 "There are not that many electric trucks and vessels yet, so with this we’re investing ahead of the market that is growing quickly. It is in line with our ambition to provide more and cleaner energy solutions," said Hilmar van den Dool, General Manager eMobility at Shell.