Piracy & Robbery At Sea - August 2012

Published Sep 18, 2012 2:21 PM by The Maritime Executive

17 incidents of piracy and robbery at sea occurred during August 2012. There were reports of hijacks in West and East Africa, with a further 9 robbery incidents recorded in southeast Asia.

Recent claims of a significant reduction in piracy has hit the headlines over the past month, however, with warnings that it is a trend that is still reversible and that continued vigilance is still required. 17 incidents of global piracy and robbery at sea occurred in August 2012. Of those, four hijacks took place, one of which is assumed following its involvement in the hijack of another vessel. See full report HERE.

East Africa has again seen little overall activity as the southwest monsoon has been particularly severe. Suspicious activity has been reported in the Southern Red Sea and Bab El Mandeb strait. Two hijacks occurred, one close to the port of Bosaaso, which was subsequently released following it being used to hijack a Somali dhow.

One incident that does not appear on the records is that of a false alarm report of an alleged pirate attack. An attack was reported 350nm NE of the Seychelles, however, following a report by reconnaissance aircraft despatched by Seychelles Marine Office, it was found that two fishing vessels had mistaken each other for a pirate vessel and had fired warning shots before realising the error.

West Africa, saw six incidents, a rise from July figures with 2 hijacks, and saw more violence against seafarers, including kidnapping of 4 foreign workers from an accommodation barge. Although all hijacked vessels and personnel were later released, 2 Nigeria Navy personnel were killed in the attack on the accommodation barge.

In Asia, nine attacks took place with tugs towing barges being targeted on two occasions. ReCAAP reports six incidents occurring (See report HERE) in August, which does not include incidents reported off Bangladesh. All incidents were cases of robbery.

South America saw no activity officially reported during August.


Source: http://www.oceanuslive.org