Fugro Sets Seafloor Drilling Record

Seafloor Drill

Published Apr 23, 2015 6:38 PM by The Maritime Executive

Fugro has set a new seafloor drill water depth record of 2,923 meters in the Gulf of Mexico.

The new water depth record of 2,923 meters (9,589 feet) was set while completing a combined sampling and piezocone penetration testing (PCPT) borehole to 62 meters (203 feet) below the seafloor. 

Achieved using its drilling module Seafloor Drill I, the single deployment in the Walker Ridge area of the Gulf of Mexico exceeded the previous water depth mark for seabed-based drilling technology.

Andrew Cooper, the Fugro Project Manager, was on board the vessel for the record-breaking dive in early April 2015 and was pleased with the results. “The project team worked together to deliver a safe and productive operation while obtaining high quality data for our client,” he explained. “Seafloor Drill I performed as expected in these water depths and we are excited to pioneer the deeper depths demanded by the offshore oil and gas industry.”

Fugro also operates Seafloor Drill II which adds coiled tubing PCPT capability and automated handling of drill rods and tools during subsea operations. Both seafloor drills are designed for offshore geotechnical and geohazard investigations.