Fire Is Second Incident for Vessel This Month

Maersk Karachi Fire

Published May 25, 2015 10:01 AM by Kathryn Stone

A fire broke out on the Maersk Karachi Friday while it undergoing repairs at the Port of Bremerhaven, making it the second incident onboard the vessel in under a month.

Around 70 firefighters and four tug boats were brought in to help battle the blaze in the ship’s hold. Foam and water was pumped into the vessel for eight hours until the fire was finally extinguished on Saturday. German news sources are reporting that while the exact cause has yet to be determined, the fire may be connected with welding operations on the ship. No one was injured in the incident, but authorities warned local residents over the weekend to keep their windows closed to avoid toxic fumes. 

Additionally, water used to extinguish the fire is filled with chemicals and cannot be introduced back into the surrounding area. The combination of fire damage and water disposal efforts will extend the timetable for repair efforts onboard the ship.

The Maersk Karachi was the scene of another unfortunate accident a little over a week prior. A 52-year old crane operator was killed May 14 after the cabin of the crane fell into the Maersk Karachi’s hold. The welding and repair efforts that may have caused Friday’s fire are being made in response to damage incurred in the first incident earlier this month.