Carnival Triumph Held in Texas Over Costa Concordia Lawsuit

By MarEx 2012-04-02 10:52:18

On Saturday, a Carnival cruise ship was held for a brief period of time in Texas by U.S. Marshals under a $10 million lawsuit over the Costa Concordia shipwreck off Italy. The incident nearly ruined plans for thousands of passengers headed to Mexico.

Carnival released a statement with very little detail, but did say that the legal matter surrounding the Carnival Triumph was resolved and the ship has departed from Galveston, Texas for its 5-day cruise. The nearly 4,000-person liner will run on its normal itinerary with stops including Cozumel, Mexico. A confidential deal was reached by both parties involved.

AFP reports that US Magistrate Judge John Froeschner of Galveston, Texas, ordered the ship held on Friday as part of a lawsuit filed by the family of German tourist Siglinde Stump, who died aboard the Costa Concordia cruise ship following its wreck on January 13, killing an estimated 32 people.

The judge stated in his warrant order that the court finds that the conditions for an attachment of defendants' joint and collective property within this district, mainly the MS Carnival Triumph, appear to exist upon an admiralty and maritime claim. He said the Carnival Triumph would be allowed to unload passengers and cargo and move between berths at the port until a prompt hearing can be scheduled.

However, guests were again permitted to board the vessel in normal operations. The company has also emphasized that the lawsuit relates to a matter involving the European-based sister line to Carnival Cruise Lines, Costa Crociere.