Honduras, Cuba Finalize Maritime Boundary Treaty

Published Dec 12, 2013 11:54 AM by The Maritime Executive

Chancellor Mireya Agüero Corrales and Cuban Embassy official, Sergio Oliva, performed the respective Exchange of Instrument of Ratification to Maritime Delimitation Treaty between Honduras and Cuba, as a last step of internal legal procedures for each country.

The signing of the maritime boundary between the two countries was held in August 2012, which completed a period of negotiations on the sovereign rights of both states in their exclusive economic zone in the Caribbean Sea.

The historic document was signed on behalf of their respective governments by Plenipotentiary Representatives, Ambassador Roberto Quinonez Arita , Coordinator Sovereignty and Boundaries Commission of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Honduras and the Ambassador Rafael Dausa Cespedes, Director of Consular Affairs and Cuban Residents Abroad Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba .

The treaty stipulates that both countries have agreed to cooperate in the development and implementation of programs in the areas of navigational safety, maritime search and rescue, hydrographic studies, scientific marine research, and preservation and protection of marine environment.

They will also seek to work jointly in combating unlawful acts against the safety of shipping, the illegal trafficking of drugs and migrants by sea, and other areas of common interest, as set to the treaty.