50 New Vessels for Russian Navy

Admiral Kuznetsov
Russia's Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier

Published Mar 2, 2015 7:38 PM by Wendy Laursen

The Russian Navy will be boosted by 50 vessels this year, and Navy Chief Admiral Viktor Chirkov has stated that his nation’s period of naval stagnation is over.

The new vessels are part of a rearmament program that aims to extend the navy’s capabilities for operating far from home by 2050.

According to local Russian media, not all of the 50 vessels will be newbuilds, but the new vessels will include frigates, patrol boats and Borei and Yasen class nuclear submarines. 

Chirkov recently revealed that the navy is looking at nuclear power for its new destroyers, which are currently being designed. Typically nuclear power is used for vessels such as submarines that remain at sea for a long time. However, the concept works well for Russia as it is looking to expand its global reach even though it has limited refueling facilities available beyond home shores.

President Vladimir Putin has outlined an ambitious rearmament program, and four different kinds of submarines are already under construction. Additionally, by 2050, Russia hopes to have built a new fleet of destroyers and cruisers. A new aircraft carrier is also being considered to supplement the aging Admiral Kuznetsov.

Russia was scheduled to receive two Mistral-class helicopter carriers from France this year, but European sanctions on Russia resulting from the conflict in Ukraine blocked delivery of the vessels.

There are approximately 280 ships, submarines and warfare boats and 250 planes believed to be in active service in the Russian Navy. Many vessels are considered inactive and run by skeleton crews.