Maindeck Releases Mobile Dry-Docking Inspection App

Maindeck app

Published Feb 24, 2019 2:49 PM by The Maritime Executive

Software provider Maindeck has just released a mobile inspection app that the company built in close cooperation with industry.

What's new

It's the first of its kind in our industry. It gives you access to all project information on the go, and lets you upload images, comments and progress updates. It also functions offline, with automatic upload once your device detects a connection.

The app is currently released on Android and is in private beta on App Store. All Maindeck users get as an add-on in helping them plan and manage dry-docking projects. 

Why did we do this

We see Technical Superintendents being dragged down by broken communication and manual work, all of which is getting in the way of actual ship maintenance. We saw that the solutions available in the market were as boring and monotone as the teams that had created them. This is why we are working on make technology so intuitive and impactful that people in ship maintenance want to use it. The mobile inspection app is a part of this, and will help free up teams to collaborate from anywhere. 

About Maindeck

Maindeck is a modern cloud-based software empowering ship manager through all service, maintenance and repair projects - but with a special focus on dry-docking projects. Our main focus is building user friendly software that people can actually use and offer both a web app and a mobile app. 

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