Secure a Ship Saves Seafarer

Published Sep 5, 2013 9:16 AM by The Maritime Executive

Secure a Ship (SaS) a Maritime Security Company based in the UK has come to the rescue of a stranded sailor.

On Thursday 08 August 2013, the alert security team spotted smoke 7NM away; on further inspection it was apparent a vessel was in distress (position 10.28.118N 059.58.36E). The vessel was a 50 foot catamaran (Yacht Name – Hornet) skippered by a Mr Jeremy Horne on his way from the Seychelles to Oman as part of a round the world trip.

It was discovered that his engine had broken from its mounts and damaged the gearbox and rudder rendering the vessel unusable and meant it would continue to drift.

After informing UKMTO of the situation and being informed the nearest coalition vessel was 500NM away the security team had 2 options.

To mark his position and let him wait for coalition assistance.

Recover Mr Horne onto the vessel and take him to our next port of call, unfortunately, due to sea state, recovering his vessel would not be an option.

Mr Horne was very happy to go for option 2 and was a very relieved man once he got onboard our vessel. He couldn’t have been happier and thanked the security team and crew for saving him.

It was business as usual for the security team as they continued to carry out their watch duties.

Director of Secure a Ship ‘Paul Maguire’ said “I’m very glad our team spotted Mr Horne’s vessel in distress, without our team onboard providing 24/7 security Mr Horne could still be stranded. With coalition forces 500NM away the time for them to react to this meant we were able to step in and help.”

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