ESRG Adds Total Vessel Power Analytics to OstiaEdge to Help Optimize Fuel Consumption for a Vessel or Across a Fleet

By The Maritime Executive 2013-03-19 16:48:00

ESRG is proud to announce that it has recently added new capabilities to help owners and managers reduce fuel costs with greater insight into the true power production and propulsion efficiency of the total ship. OstiaEdge® now integrates shaft torque, weather and environmental data, fuel consumption and draft & displacement with its existing equipment performance analytics to provide real transparency into the performance of a ship or across a fleet. This comprehensive set of analytics enables ship managers and owners to understand:

? How much fuel is consumed

? How the engine is performing relative to history and other engines

? How engine performance translates into shaft torque and power

? How much displacement is being moved at what speed through the water

? How external forces like wind and current impact the vessel’s movement

? How resistance due to hull and propeller condition impacts speed and efficiency

OstiaEdge® also provides similar analytics for the auxiliary equipment: how much fuel generators are consuming, how the generators are performing and how auxiliary equipment (electricity consumers) are performing. This information enables operators and fleet managers the ability to make decisions to optimize fuel efficiency and better understand which configurations are less fuel efficient; allowing for resources to be focused on those underperforming assets.

This comprehensive view into how much fuel and power are required to move cargo through water enables better decision making. By understanding the specific drivers of fuel consumption, managers can quickly prioritize and focus resources on the highest impact areas. For example, managers can now prioritize between hull & propeller maintenance and engine optimization to see where they will achieve the biggest impact. At a fleet level, it enables better resource prioritization across the fleet, ensuring the highest return on investment possible. For example, instead of having each ship’s hull cleaned at a set time period, individual ships can be scheduled for hull cleanings based on their specific operating conditions and the impact the hull condition is having on its performance and fuel efficiency.

These new features add to OstiaEdge’s® existing predictive diagnostic analytics capabilities that provide an automated assessment of the health and performance of different types of shipboard equipment and maintenance recommendations to enable a shift to a Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) strategy. An OstiaEdge® enabled CBM maintenance strategy will help avoid potential failures, reduce downtime and decrease overall maintenance expense.

OstiaEdge® automates the analytics, minimizing time required from onboard or shore based managers and analysts to sort through the massive amount of data from the hundreds of sensors onboard each ship. The analytics and actionable output are provided to both onboard users such as the Master and Chief Engineer, as well as shore based Technical Superintendents and Fleet Managers. This enables faster action as well as better communication between the onboard crew and remote experts.

ESRG’s OstiaEdge® product suite has been developed by marine reliability and maintenance engineers for multiple maritime markets:

? Container, tanker, bulk and feeder shipping 

? Offshore platform support and supply vessels

? Offshore oil & gas platforms

? Workboats, including fishing, tugs, dredging and research/specialty vessels

? Defense

Following ar benefits of OstiaEdge®:

Improved reliability and availability:

Healthy assets are assets you can depend on when needed. Problems can be identified and dealt with early in the progression of symptoms – before they translate to expensive downtime. ESRG’s OstiaEdge® leverages over 20 million hours of machine time monitoring experience.

Fewer failures, less downtime in port

Even the most expensive repair and maintenance costs are often eclipsed by the enormous costs of downtime in port. OstiaEdge® can generally save one or more days of downtime in port due to mechanical failures in the first year alone, often paying for the entire system in a single “event”. OstiaEdge® also enables managers to have a better understanding of the actual health of their equipment and can thus more effectively plan scheduled shipyard maintenance periods, and avoid unexpected additional work and the associated overtime and surcharges.

Increased energy and fuel efficiency

OstiaEdge® provides the information you need to identify, understand and correct performance degradations empowering you to optimize the balance between energy costs, maintenance costs, and downtime – translating to significant financial benefits. With the new comprehensive capabilities, this now enables managers to prioritize between the main engine, generators, and hull & propeller condition, both for a single vessel or across a fleet.

Faster response, reduced human variance

Abnormal situations can be stressful, making it difficult for people to respond both quickly and properly. OstiaEdge® delivers actionable recommendations that tell your operators and maintainers exactly how to respond to events – you decide in advance and embed these details right in the configuration for your machinery. Instead of deciding how to respond, personnel can respond with predetermined actions – and at the speed your business demands. By enabling off-ship experts to engage with the same data as onboard, problems can be resolved before Tech Reps would be able to make traditional (and expensive) troubleshooting visits.

Powerful analytic and diagnostic capabilities

Powerful business intelligence capabilities are built right into OstiaEdge®. From deep-dive diagnostics on one machine to enterprise-wide analysis of performance across the fleet, OstiaEdge® will help you minimize downtime and optimize maintenance across equipment made by any OEM.

Easy to implement

OstiaEdge® combines a Software-as-a-Service (Saas) delivery model with an ISO 13374-1:2003, Mimosa-compliant open architecture which results in an onboard footprint of less than 0.5 cubic meters – no shipboard IT staff are needed to install or maintain OstiaEdge®. Onboard and shore-based users can
get up to speed quickly with less than 30 minutes of training needed to take advantage of the OstiaEdge® value.

ESRG offers three products within the OstiaEdge suite:

Vessel Edition:

Vessel Edition (VE) is a Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) software that monitors equipment for potential failures or degradation in performance to ensure timely maintenance is conducted onboard a single ship. VE integrates online and offline equipment data sources, and analyzes that data against user configured rules and algorithms to evaluate the state of machines or systems. Early detection and diagnosis of possible machinery failures is intended to drive operational and maintenance decisions.

Shore Edition:

Shore Edition (SE) receives data from a fleet of ships (via Vessel Edition) on a configurable time basis (multiple times per day) and provides Fleet Managers a consolidated view of all the assets health within their enterprise as well as a work-flow process to manage data review & analysis.

Business Intelligence:

OstiaEdge® Business Intelligence (BI) is a fully integrated plant and central level Business Intelligence application that brings powerful analytics and report generation capabilities to your operators and monitoring centers.

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