ITF: Shipowner, SCA are Taking Good Care of Ever Given's Crew

ever given
The Ever Give

Published Apr 27, 2021 6:23 PM by The Maritime Executive

Last week, representatives from International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) visited the Suez Canal's Great Bitter Lake to carry out a welfare check on the crew of the MV Ever Given. Amidst the $916 million compensation claim filed by the Suez Canal Authority and the Egyptian government, the ship and her cargo have been detained by court order.

The ITF reports the ship’s crew are in “good spirits,” adding that they're being paid regularly and have plenty of provisions. ITF Arab World and Iran Network Coordinator Mohamed Arrachedi said, “We are pleased to inform the world that the crew of the Ever Given is in good spirits, and doing well. The crew was pleased to see ITF Egyptian union officials, who greeted them and expressed the solidarity of the global seafaring family."

In its investigations, ITF found out that those on board had no contract violations whatsoever, adding that they received devices from the canal authorities for connecting to the internet and reaching their families back home.

Arrachedi added, “We have been in contact with the crew and there were no welfare issues raised for the time being. We continue to monitor the situation and the crew knows we are available to support where needed."

SCA denies holding Ever Given's crewmembers

Recently, reports of seafarers who have been trapped on abandoned ships in Egyptian ports have given rise to concerns that Ever Given’s crew might be held indefinitely. In a statement to the press on Monday, SCA head Osama Rabie put these questions to rest.

He said, “The authority spares no effort to ensure the success of the negotiations and fully cooperates to meet the crew’s demands [on board of] the ship, which is currently detained in the Great Bitter Lakes until the end of the investigations.”

He also added that the SCA would not object to the repatriation of those onboard, or replacing them, as long as sufficient crew members remain onboard for ensuring the ship's security.