CLIA Disputes Emissions Report

cruise ship

By Wendy Laursen 2015-09-10 21:20:33

Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) Europe has issued a statement following the release of a study that ranks cruise ship newbuilds on their emissions abatement technology.

German environmental group NABU issued the study and welcomed the willingness of some providers such as AIDA and Costa Cruises to get a handle on the emissions from their ships. If the ships enter the market as announced, they will be a worldwide model for high sea ships, said NABU in a statement. “The ongoing denial of big market players such as Royal Caribbean und MSC was harshly criticized by the environmental experts”

The Cruise Lines CLIA statement in response:

“The cruise industry always seeks constructive dialogue with environmental associations like the Naturschutzbund (NABU), and we are open to discussions on environmental protection measures. However, we do call for such measures to be assessed according to fair criteria and scientifically recognized standards. Unfortunately, the NABU Cruise Ranking 2015 and the air quality measurements taken by NABU last year falls far short of fair and scientifically objective assessments. 

“Supporting environmental stewardship and sustainable practices are among the highest priorities for CLIA members. It is not only the right thing to do for the planet and future generations, it is simply fundamental to the viability of our industry to protect the environment and the beautiful destinations we visit.

“While cruise ships account for less than one half of one percent of the global shipping fleet, cruise companies are leaders in the global maritime community in making substantial investments in environmental  protection technologies and the promotion of responsible policies. These efforts have included new systems to reduce emissions of soot particles, sulfurous oxide, nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide by 90 percent and more.  In addition, multi-stage scrubber systems are deployed, which can treat various emissions at the same time.

“The cruise industry will maintain its focus on advancing environmental stewardship.  Regrettably, the NABU Cruise Ranking is not an accurate reflection of the industry’s leadership in this critical area.”